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This page is dedicated to all the new DJ’s out there and like us, we know there are a TON of you out there! We have been prescribing music since June of 2011 and although we aren’t experts, we have learned a few skills along the way. We will show you those skills and more as we learn and increase our knowledge of music and mixing. Stay tuned for episodes coming up in the next month or so and feel free to let us know in the comments if there is anything you want to see or learn how to do.

We’re back….!!!!! Club Good Hurt on September 19th

Come Party with Doctor Macro, Brandon Coleman, DJ Jimmy Boom, and DJ Friend on September 19th at Club Good Hurt!

After a long summer break, we’re back! And we’re better than ever! We’ve been cooking up a lot of new stuff including several mashups that we are set to release within the coming weeks, new mixes in a variety of new styles and genres, and our first gig since June!

Good Hurt Nightclub, located in West Los Angeles, not only plays host to our return but also our debut in LA! So, you know what that means… We’re throwing down. HARD! With an eclectic mix of artists, including DJ Friend, Dj Jimmy Boom, Brandon Coleman, and your headlines, Doctor Macro, we’ve got all genres of music covered! Club Good Hurt is a 21 and over bar that continues with our doctor theme complete with Naughty Nurses for your bartenders, a 450 capacity nightclub with dance floor, fully stocked bar, pool, and best of all, free entry with RSVP!

We’re excited to see everyone there and hope you’ll visit our Facebook event page to show your support and get all of your latest updates. See you all Sepetmber 19th at 9pm!

Doctor Macro


P.L.U.R. Part 2 (Guest Writer @SshellSsea)

PLUR- how do you feel about it?

Continuing our series on P.L.U.R. and what it means in today’s rave community, we asked guest blogger and one of our biggest fans to write a small opinion piece on that state of PLUR today. Shelsy draws from her experiences with plur at a variety of events, her thoughts on the commonly associated drug use, and her favorite moment raving.

My good friends at Doctor Macro asked me to write an article about the state of PLUR in the rave community. I’m going to start off by saying I’m new to the scene. Despite being new, the music has played a huge role in my life for about the past 8 or 9 years. Continue reading the musings of someone who admittedly has not been to that many raves, if you dare. I also highly recommend Doctor Macro’s article on the same topic.  Warning: I don’t think linearly so this may jump around a bit.

Continue reading…

Beyond Wonderland Recap

Beyond Wonderland Thank YouAhh Monday… By now everybody should be coming down from their hangover and almost nearly fully recovered. That’s how we’re doing today at least!

Beyond Wonderland, ASOT 550, and Dim Mak’s Dead Meat Tour were an absolute success and we congratulate Insomniac Events on such a great turnout what with the wind, rain, and horribly cold weather. But, despite the elements weighing against us all, the love for EDM shown through which made Beyond Wonderland so much fun!  Continue reading

Finding Music on the Internet

Hey guys and gals! Welcome to our first tutorial on finding music!

Finding music is as important as pressing the “PLAY” button during a live performance. The type of song you pick, the style of introduction, the way use effects, and at what point you bring the song in all affect the way people react during your mix.

Finding music requires time and effort and should be treated like a job. As the Doctor, we collectively troll many music forums and blogs, listen to the radio to pick up new ideas on how to mix old songs, and watch movies to pick out some of our samples. It is with this idea in mind that we figured we would offer you a bit of schooling.

Finding music comes in two different flavors: the legal kind and the no-so-legal kind. As a music blog, we promote purchasing and legal music selection. As struggling dj’s, we recognize that not all of you can afford (or would pay for it anyway) new music so we’ve provided some tips on finding new music from more legitimate sources.

Legal Music

Legal music is your best choice for avoiding copyright infringement. You pay your royalties upon checkout and you own the rights to use the music. There are many services that allow you to purchase music legally including Beatport, iTunes, Amazon, and Napster. These services all have their advantages and disadvantages ranging from catalog size (how many songs that have in their total library) to the relevant types of music offered. Knowing which service to use is as important as which type of music your audience is going to want to hear.

Doctor Macro highly recommends using Beatport due to its ever-expanding catalog of music and it’s tools dedicated specifically to DJ’s. For instance, Beatport is awesome because of its catalog rules. If a song isn’t downloaded/purchased a certain number of times in a given period of time, Beatport will remove it from its library and replace it with something new. This always keeps their library fresh and up-to-date. Likewise, another tool Beatport uses to attract deejays is the written info in all of their songs metadata (the naming information in the file). Beatport automatically finds the musical key and tempo of the track that you are downloading for you so products such as Mixed In Key aren’t entirely necessary though still recommended. Remixers and those that want to spend a bit more money for an even higher quality digital file can upgrade from a 320 k/bps .MP3 to an .AIFF or .WAV file which can later be used for remixing or sampling. The final benefit that Beatport offers to DJ’s is the lack of Digital Rights Management (DRM). DRM can get in the way of digital DJ’s because of the algorithmic lock placed on the file to prevent illegal redistribution or changes. Tracks from iTunes become difficult to use in certain DJ programs because of this DRM and require additional stripping software before these tracks can become playable.

Not-So-Legal Music

The perfect world wouldn’t require this section as all music would be free and unicorns would be real. But, let’s face it, nobody downloads music legally these days. If you do, hats off to you! For those of you that do download music from not-so-legal sources, read on to help minimize your effect on the actual artists or to get some ideas on where to find new music.

Doctor Macro has found over the last several years that finding new music is a challenge because of the huge volume that is released each day. For this reason, music blogs that specialize in a variety of different styles, formats, and levels of legality have sprung up lately to help narrow down the large number of releases into a more manageable number. The Doctor uses several of these blogs ourselves to discover new music and stay on the cutting edge of what is fresh. The following music blogs are some of our more frequently sourced websites and all provide interesting takes on Electronic Dance Music.

  1. features some of the best and most consistent postings on the internet and are therefore one of our first stops for music. Remix Nation often features new artists that are up-and-comers, mashups, new material, and events in the southwest region of the U.S. Remix-Nation features primarily mainstream electro and electro house artists.
  2. Our second favorite site is This Song Slaps features a variety of dubstep and has the most frequent posts I have seen of any blog anywhere. The very very great majority of the music is bootleg remixes from underground DJ’s and producers looking to make it big and they therefore offer their music for free. Check them out for all of your heavy/filthy/grungy needs.
  3. is a fun little website that hasn’t been getting as much love as it deserves lately. DxE, as they commonly go by, features new music and events in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas but hasn’t posting as many FREE download links (Go buy the music!)
  4. is another fun website that specializes in highlighting new DJ’s by promoting their mixes, showcasing events of all sizes, and track and album reviews. Really, these guys are a one stop shop for most things EDM.
  5. Finally and are my favorite sites for all news on new releases from worldwide. Very rarely are these sites featuring free downloads but they have all of the information you could possibly need about the upcoming, hidden track that is about to explode on the festival scene. Keep them quiet… 😉

For those of you that choose to bypass these more legal music blogs, I suggest checking for new songs as sometimes they have free downloads. is another great website for finding obscure remixes or showcasing your own tunes.

A word to the wise: do NOT download from torrent based websites. Many times the files will come with viruses attached, can corrupt your operating system (yes, even you Mac users…), or feature terrible sound quality. Take the high road and download responsibly.

So, that’s it. Just over 1,000 words. Now, take 2 and call me in the morning.

Doctor Macro

Because I Can Volume 5

As promised, there are a couple of new mixes coming out from the Doctor this week. Here is your first!

Because I Can is the mix series coming from Dj Dizze and features various artists and styles that are unique to both him and his mixing. Because I Can mixes highlight certain events we go through in our lives and when people ask why we do certain things, well, its Because I Can. Enjoy Volume 5 as its dedicated to one of my best friends, Lindsey, and her first trip to NYFW for work. May there be many more!

DJ Dizze

track list on actual soundcloud.