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Just like your real doctor, this is where you can find cool new things to use in your sets/mixes, fun random music we think you should know about, or just other random crap.

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United Summer Festival Single and Two Day Tickets

Come Party With Us at United Summer!

It’s been just a short time since our public debut in March at A Better World but our maturity as artists has grown leaps and bounds in that short amount of time. The event organizers at United Summer (who also put on A Better World) took notice and invited us back to play a Friday night slot right before, DJ Jimmy Boom and headliner, Kiyoshi

United Summer is located on a 20-acre piece of private property in the mountains near Lake Elsinore and features amazing views, free parking and camping, fire poi lessons, and of cour music. The bands are as diverse as the people in attendance and feature artists such as Liberty and The Hashishans.

1 and 2 day tickets are on sale now. We would love to meet and hang out with you at this awesome event. For more information on this event, CLICK HERE.


Swedish House Mafia Ends It All

Swedish House Mafia to Separate

Swedish House Mafia Announce Their Separation

Everyone in the EDM community has to know the name Swedish House Mafia by now. With popular songs that have broken into the mainstream charts and productions for big-name Pop artists Usher and Coldplay, Swedish House Mafia may arguably be some of the most successful dj groups in history. But, it is with great regret, that we get to announce Swedish House Mafia’s separation.

Keep reading for the reported reasons behind the split.

Madeon Goes Insane ( 5 minute 93 song Mini Mix) w/ Download and Tracklisting

We’ve been a big fan of Madeon’s work after he burst onto the scene with remixes of Raise Your Weapon, A Night Out, and other tracks. His big room style and ability to mix club hits with his own productions is incredible. Despite what he can do in a studio, his ability to mix tracks is equally impressive. This is even more so.

Madeon recently took to Annie Mac’s radio show on BBC Radio 1 and played this 5 minute mix. Madeon first launched to popularity because of a video on YouTube, playing 39 songs in 3 minutes. Keeping with this impressive math, Madeon’s 5 minute mix features a staggering 93 (!!!!) different samples of tracks. As dj’s ourselves, its easy to throw 15 songs in 10 minutes; this is just outstanding. Check out the video after the break and prepare to have your mind blown.

John Dahlback – Embrace Me (Dirty South Remix) w/ Download

There are moments in life where we all need to take a step back and look at what we have instead of focusing on what we don’t have.  Many of those moments are accompanied by a song, a picture, or something else that reminds us of those moments.  Embrace Me is a track that has the ability to bring you back to one of those moments.

Click here to read on and grab your download

Wolfgang Gartner feat. Clinton Sparks – Redline (You Got Me Started Again) w/ Download

Surprise, surprise…we did a write up on the original track Redline awhile back and the song was a huge hit!  We also predicted that there would be a vocal version out at some point, well here it is!

Click here to read on and grab your download

EDC 2012 Lineup + Set Times Released

After the long months of waiting, we are 2 days away from EDC! Insomniac has finally released the jam packed lineup with set times and stage locations!!!! Check it out by clicking the link below…..

EDC 2012 LAS VEGAS Lineup + Set Times

United Summer Presale Tickets

Come party with us at United Summer!

For those of you that haven’t been following our blog too closely, we’ve been booking gigs like crazy lately. First, we have our own Electric Daisy Carnival After Party at Timeout Tavern on June 14th, which is sure to be a good time. After that, we’ve got United Summer taking place July 6th and 7th in Lake Elsinore, CA. We’re super excited to play both of these events in the next couple of weeks.

United Summer is our next gig and our followup festival-debut after A Better World. Hosted at the same venue, United Summer features a variety of unique events, dj’s and live bands. Tickets are currently on presale until June 15th for $20 before they jump up in price. Grab more details and information for tickets HERE and we look forward to seeing you there!