Doctor Macro’s New Year’s Eve Weekend


Hey guys and gals!

We’ve been kind of quiet on here lately because we’ve been working up some big stuff for you. For instance, we’re HEADLINING Avec Nightclub in Huntington Beach tonight. We’re playing a special New Year’s Eve set at Ten Nightclub in Irvine, CA. Oh yeah, and we made confetti…!

Tonight (12/29/2012) we rock out at Avec Nightclub in Huntington Beach with some of our best friends JimmyBoom and Ouch! as we play a wide variety of music. Ouch opens the night off with some of his infamous Swing House followed by JimmyBoom rocking out with Top 40 Remixes, electro house, and maybe even a little dubstep. Next up we have Jim Carson, a new up-and-coming dj, playing from 11:30-12:30. Finally, your headliners come on stage to close the night out with a set from 12:30-2:00am!

We expect tonight to be absolutely bonkers and we would love to see you there! Free guest list is available by RSVP’ing to our event page on facebook or emailing us at with the first and last names of everyone in your party! Guest list information needs to be submitted by 5:00pm on 12/29.

More details to come about Ten NYE tomorrow!

Peace and Love and have a safe and wonderful New Year!

Doctor Macro


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